This Man Started A ‘Rent A Daddy’ Service To Help Out Single Moms And I’m Not Sure How To Feel

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Parenting can be hard. Housework can be hard. And if you’re doing it alone, it can seem EXHAUSTING.

And that is why this Jake James, an Australian man has come up with a solution…and a new job! You can now ‘Rent a Daddy”!

Need time away from your kids? Can’t bring yourself to change one more diaper? Tired of being your kid’s chauffer? Jake has got you.

Although this seems hilarious and a joke, it’s not. Now, I can TOTALLY see this being useful for kids without a father figure that need to learn valuable life skills, but outside of that, this post is a smidge bit creepy.

To rent Jake, you have to pay $30 an hour, with surcharges on weekends, special events, and pictures. He offers to go to sporting events, different activities, and teach the kids valuable life lessons like mowing or working on a car.

He definitely thought this all out! And it looks like he’s offering alone time with the mom too…

The comment section of this post is cracking me up! It’s definitely making people laugh, but I’m wondering who is actually going to take him up on this! I like the concept…just not the delivery.

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  1. As a used to be single mom that would have been a great idea. I would have his resume checked out to see if he wasnt a pedophile. If legit would be like The Big Brothers Big Sisters organization.

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