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Kim Kardashian Shows Off Her Natural Hair And I’m Shocked at How Good It Looks

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Kim Kardashian has real hair. *Wide Eyed Gasp Emoji*

I mean, I knew she had hair — but we’ve never ever seen just her hair. Like, without extensions.

That is, until now!!

Kim has a joint TikTok account with North — which we all knew by now — and on that account, North sometimes posts behind the scenes footage of her life.

One of her recent TikTok videos showed her momma — Kim — sitting on her bed and singing along to “Baby, It’s Cold Outside.”

And, we actually get to see — wait for it — Kim’s natural hair!!

I’m talking, no extensions, no hats, no coverings. Just her au naturel hair.

You wouldn’t think that’s any big deal, but we are so used to seeing Kim 100% made up and photo ready.

We aren’t used to natural Kim, with natural hair.

You know what I mean?

It’s actually a bit refreshing. Like, maybe my hair isn’t so bad afterall.

Kim just has shoulder-length hair. Not too thick, not too thin — just normal hair.

I shouldn’t be so amazed by this. But, I am. LOL!!

We aren’t used to seeing Kim as a real, normal person.

This entire video just made my day. Celebrities — they really are just normal people when you get down to it.

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