Hostess Llama Cupcakes Are Covered In Confetti Sprinkles and Lavender Icing For The Perfect Drama Free Treat

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Everybody loves LLAMAS right now. They are ALL the rage. I am one of those people. I’ll admit it!

Courtesy of Walmart

Hostess, the Queens of the prepackaged cupcake world, are bringing out these CUTE Llama Cupcakes. Middle school girls everywhere just let out a giant *SQUEE*.

Courtesy of Walmart

Heck, I’m not in middle school anymore, and I’m freaking out about these cupcakes. Ha!

They will be available starting February 12, and they will be around until the end of April.

That’s PLENTY of time to get your fill of these tasty Llama Cupcakes!

Courtesy of Walmart

Not only are they here for a limited time, but they are going to be EXCLUSIVE to Walmart. They better stock the aisles well, because I’m going to need more than one box!

These cupcakes consist of yellow cake filled with a creamy white icing filling — you know how Hostess do! They will be topped with a purple frosting, rainbow sprinkles, and a cute yellow squiggly line on top — like Hostess does on ALL their cupcakes.

You might be thinking — These Look Pretty Dang Familiar! Well, you are sort of right, and very observant!

They do resemble the Unicorn Cupcake and the Mermaid Cupcake that Hostess previously released, only the colors have been changed up a bit. Purple makes everything better!

These Llama Cupcakes will come individually wrapped — perfect for my kids lunches, and they will be less than three bucks for EIGHT cupcakes. So reasonable, right?!?

Only have a ten dollar bill? No worries, boo! That will get you THREE boxes.

Be on the lookout for these tasty Llama Cupcakes! They are sure to by as yummy as they are cute!

If you love Llamas, you should totally check out this Llama Pepper Spray Holder. Watch out — it spits! Ha!

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