Limited Edition Unicorn Cupcakes Are At Walmart And You Can Taste The Magic

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Hostess, the fairy godmother of the prepackaged cupcake world, has announced they have come out with new Unicorn Cupcakes.

Preteen girly-girls everywhere just squealed with glee and danced with delight. Bring on another rainbow-colored sweet treat to fuel their unicorn obsessed worlds.

These Unicorn Cupcakes will be sold for a limited time exclusively at Walmart, so get your wallets out now. One box will set you back less than $3. Trust us, you’ll need to get at least two boxes before they’re gone!

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If you are thinking to yourself, “Hmmm. These sure look familiar.” You are correct! They are exactly like the Hostess Mermaid Cupcakes that were seen in stores earlier this summer.

People have already noticed the similarities, but it won’t deter them from scooping them up off the shelves anyway!

Made with yellow cake, filled with “creamy” white icing, and topped with teal and pink frosting, these are as pretty as they are good. The pink specks scattered throughout the cake simply seal the deal on these magical must haves!

Mermaid or unicorn, we don’t care! Thank you, Hostess, for making all our magical cupcake dreams come true.

Want something even more magical? Pair the Unicorn Cupcakes with this unicorn ice cream! It’s so easy to make, and they would be absolutely perfect together!

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