You Can Get A Schitt’s Creek Coloring Book For The Best Way To Take A Selfish

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Okay, guys. If you haven’t seen Schitt’s Creek, you better get on it! It’s only one of the BEST shows on Netflix.

Now, some very smart person — ShopHelloHarlot on Etsy — came up with this coloring book that has ALL your favorite characters from Schitt’s Creek BLANK of all color. It’s yours to add. Ha!

Courtesy of ShopHelloHarlot on Etsy

Are you having a Schitty day? Time to break out this book, and get your therapeutic coloring on!

Courtesy of ShopHelloHarlot on Etsy

All your favorite characters, in all of Schitt’s Creek glory, right here and waiting for you to add your creativity.

Courtesy of ShopHelloHarlot on Etsy

The best part? You can get this coloring book right on Etsy! I’m sure they have them at Rose Apothecary too, but why would you go ALL that way, when you can just orders yours, and have it delivered right to your door?

This totally amazeballs coloring book is touted as a Schitty Parody, and it’s only $20 for 10 full pages of Simply the BEST Characters. Yes!

Courtesy of ShopHelloHarlot on Etsy

You know, this is the LAST *Sniff Sniff* season of Schitt’s Creek.

If you aren’t caught up, it’s the weekend baby! That’s what lazy days are for — Binge Watching The Best Shows!

Just try it, and you will be hooked! And, then you’ll be begging for this Schitty coloring book, too. LOL!

David, Alexis, Johnny, and Moira — They are all here to join the fun, and bring a little color to your day.

You can get your Schitt’s Creek Coloring Book Here.

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