You Can Get A Starbuck’s ‘Winnie the Pooh’ Tumbler For The “Honey” In Your Life

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Silly old bear, you’re out of honey again.

If you’re like Winnie the Pooh who can’t get enough of the sticky sweet substance, this Starbucks tumbler will fill that void when you’ve run out of honey in the cabinet.

This tumbler may not be able to give you the same sweet taste, but it can be a reminder to buy honey at the grocery store, when you see this customized honeypot cold cup!

Introducing ‘Winnie the Pooh’ tumblers!

Courtesy of @SimplyCraftsbyNiza

Currently on Etsy, @SimplyCraftsbyNiza is selling handmade ‘Winnie the Pooh’ cold cups that are also customizable.

Courtesy of @SimplyCraftsbyNiza

Starting from the back with Pooh who is at the center of the tumbler with has hands dipped into his honey pot mug, (big surprise there) is also surrounded by a few sparkly bees and more honey dripping at the top of the cup.

Courtesy of @SimplyCraftsbyNiza

In the front, you can expect Starbuck’s classic green logo and Pooh’s famous honeypot.

Courtesy of @SimplyCraftsbyNiza

You can also choose to add your name to the front to personalize your tumbler for yourself or for the “honey” in your life.

Courtesy of @SimplyCraftsbyNiza

Each venti cold cup comes with a clear lid and a green straw and you can currently get the reusable Pooh Bear cup for $22 on Etsy!

Courtesy of @SimplyCraftsbyNiza

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