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Starbucks Has Officially Released The Pumpkin Spice Latte So Bring On Fall

I need the cool weather STAT.

Between the hot, dry weather and this awful smog we are having from the wildfires in surrounding states, I am ready for that cooler fall weather.

I think Starbucks is basically saying “same” because as of today, August 25th Starbucks will have their beloved PUMPKIN SPICE LATTE aka the PSL!!

Yay! I swear if you could see me right now, I’d be doing this:

Now, we originally told you that it would be released tomorrow, August 24th per information we obtained through a trusted source.

However, Starbucks teased us just a little bit by an extra day but no worries here, you can officially order up your favorite pumpkin goodies at Starbucks!

If you haven’t taken a look on the app yet, here’s what they are offering:

Aside from the PSL and tasty pumpkin goodies, you can also expect some new Fall merchandise including FALL CUPS ahhhhh! Look how awesome they are:

With this news, we can safely say that it is officially PUMPKIN SPICE SEASON and I am so dang happy!

Speaking of that, if you love Pumpkin Spice, check out some of our tasty recipes. Trust me, you’ll love them!

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