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Remember The Grandma That Accidentally Invited A Teen To Thanksgiving Dinner? They Are Getting A Netflix Show!

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Ahhh this is so exciting!!

So, do you remember that grandma that accidentally invited a teen to Thanksgiving Dinner thinking it was her grandson? Well, they are getting a Netflix show!!

If you don’t remember, this story happened 6 years ago and it all started when Wanda accidentally texted Jamal, thinking she was texting her own grandson an invitation to Thanksgiving dinner.

Her grandson never got the text, but Jamal had the best response.

You not my grandma. Can I still get a plate tho.

Jamal Hinton text reply to Wanda Dench

Wanda of course had the best possible answer ever…

Of course you can. That’s what grandma’s do …feed every one.

Wanda Dench reply text to Jamal Hinton

So, they had Thanksgiving dinner together!! And, every year since (again this was 6 years ago).

And now, Netflix JUST announced on Facebook they are getting a show!

Netflix posted saying:

Wanda thought she was texting her grandson to see if he was coming over for Thanksgiving but she accidentally texted Jamal, a high school senior who accepted her invitation anyway.Their touching story quickly went viral as the two became fast friends (and now spend every holiday together) — we’re thrilled to be turning this story about the family you choose into a feature film.


Ahhh I am so excited!!

I cannot wait to hear more about this!

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