Target Is Adding 750+ Items To Their Drive-Up Service And This Just Made My Day

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This is HUGE news for anyone that uses the Target Drive-Up service. AND, if you don’t use this service, I suggest you try it!

For a long time, you have been able to order things like shampoo, cereal, and toilet paper from Target’s Drive-Up service. BUT, they wouldn’t let you order things from their grocery section.

You had to park, go in, fight the crowds, stand in line, and check out before you could get your grocery items. Not to mention, you end up with 464,895 things you don’t really need.

According to CNBC, Target is adding 750 items to their already extensive list of items you can Drive-Up and have brought out to your car.

These items that they are adding include meat, vegetables, frozen items, and refrigerated items.

During a time when even more people are looking for different ways to get the items they need, we’ll continue to invest in making Target the easiest and safest place to shop

Target Chief Operating Officer John Mulligan Courtesy of CNBC

If you aren’t familiar with how the Target Drive-Up service works, you order and pay online. Then you are notified when your items are ready. You park in a special “Drive-Up” spot, and they bring your things out to your car.

In Florida, Target is testing a service that allows for adult beverages to be picked up through the Drive-Up service. If the test goes well, we may see this in a Target near us very soon!


It’s no secret that Target is one of my favorite stores. I could spend hours in there, couldn’t you?!? I just love the Dollar Spot section. They have the COOLEST things, like these Magnetic Hanging Succulents. I’m a sucker for a good find!

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