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Please Tell Me If My Car Seat Is In Wrong

On this very website, one of my writers wrote an article that I completely disagree with*: Can We Please Start With The Car Seat Shaming? And, let me tell you why– because when it comes to the safety of kids, I think it takes ALL of the moms, and I think that no matter HOW MANY BILLIONS OF PEOPLE have told you your car seat is in wrong, maybe you will finally listen if one more person says it.

car seat shaming

So, if you see a kid that shouldn’t be wearing a big puffy coat in their car seat, mention it to the mom. Tell her how nobody can properly fit a car seat around a big bulky coat. Lots of people don’t know how the five point harness works, or where the chest clip should be, so if you see it in the wrong place, then show them how to slide it up or down to where it should be.

If you are putting kids in their car for whatever reason, (maybe it’s a play-date, etc.) and their car seat is slipping and sliding all over the place, show them how to get in there and get that thing latched down.

And if you don’t know EXACTLY how a car seat is supposed to be installed, (you can take a class if you really want to know) then take it to a fire department. Somebody up there is trained to install car seats properly and will show you how it should be fitted into your car. (Plus, bonus you get to hang out with hot fireman. That’s really a no-brainer situation.)

What I am trying to say is, if you see a kid in a situation that is truly unsafe, you should say something. I don’t mean if it’s just making you a little uncomfortable and you really wish it wasn’t happening, I mean really, truly ACTUALLY unsafe. it isn’t going to bother you in any way to point it out, and if you save a kid, then I am okay with that. If you save my kid? I AM GRATEFUL TO YOU.

But, let’s all not do this as Ms. Know-It-All. Instead, let’s give this piece of advice with a spoonful sugar. There’s a reason it helps the medicine go down.

mary poppins

*Why did I let this article on my site to begin with if I don’t agree with it? Because the author who wrote it is someone I respect, and therefore I respect her right to have an opinion. We don’t all have to agree on things in order to be friends. That’s what makes the world so neat.