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You Can Get Cola Flavored Icee Tubes and I Need Them

The flowers are blooming and spring is most definitely here. Soon it will be summer and time for the pools and the lake! Oh and HOT, it will be so freaking hot.

The perfect time for some ICEE Tubes! I am so ready to try the new Cola and Cherry Cola flavors!

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Sometimes I will go out on a mission to find a store with an ICEE machine! I always get them just how I did as a kid, Cola and Cherry mixed together to make a Cherry Cola!

Knowing that I can get these and keep them in the freezer has made me a little giddy. I really hate to have to leave my house, now they can be on hand for any time I have a craving!

Before this, you could only get them in Cherry, Sour Apple, and Blue Raspberry.

The new Cola and Cherry Cola ICEE Tubes can be ordered directly from Walmart! You can purchase them in a six-pack for only $2.48! It sounds like a deal! Add to cart, please!