Kim Kardashian Just Released a Pretty and Pink Energy Drink And People Are Going Crazy Over It

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Right next to lawyer, Kim Kardashian adds “energy drinks” to her resume.

In a new partnership with Alani Nu, Kim K has just released a line of energy drinks in a neon pink can.

Courtesy of Alani Nu

In true Kim K history, the name of the new energy drink is a creative mix that includes her name and what you can expect in the pretty and pink can.

The can also comes decorated in cartoonish lettering that looks like similar to the font that makes up her popular shape-wear brand, SKIMS.

Courtesy of alaninu.com

Dubbed “Kimade”, the new energy drink is a twist to pink lemonade, via the description on the Alani Nu website; hence the reason for the pastel pink can.

Courtesy of Alani Nu

According to a recent press release, you can count on the low calorie drink to be vegan, gluten-free, and only ten calories per can.

So how much caffeine can you expect in this can?

Courtesy of Sam’s Club

The 12 ounce can contains 200 milligrams of caffeine and no sugar.

There’s also B vitamins and biotin featured in the sparkly new beverage.

Courtesy of alaninu.com

You can currently find Kimade at retail stores such as Sam’s Club.

Although you may want to act fast on snagging a box if you do want to try the new energy drink, considering the cans have already sold out Alani Nu’s website.

Courtesy of alaninu.com

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