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Here’s How to Date During A Pandemic

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They announced Social Distancing, and the dating world just came to a screeching halt.

Or did it? There are some very creative ways to keep on dating, while being stuck inside, and away from the person you want to be with.

Here’s How To Keep Dating During A Pandemic

Send Them a Dating Box. This can be totally fun. Nothing says, “I really like you,” like a box filled with toilet paper, hand soap, antibacterial wipes, and hand sanitizer. Of course, you have to have those things on-hand to send.

You can also send things like microwave popcorn, a good book, hot chocolate or tea, colorful pens, a cool journal — whatever you can think of that would be fun to use while cooped up.

Send Them Takeout. Are any restaurants around them delivering? Send them some of their favorite food. That way they don’t have to get out, and they can still enjoy a nice meal from you.

Netflix and Chill. You can totally still watch a movie with them via Facetime, Skype, or Facebook Messenger Video. Also, use Netflix’s new watch party feature. Have them put on their favorite movie, and have them point you (on the phone or computer) toward the TV. That way you can be together, without actually being together.

Texting. You can totally get to know each other via text messages. It’s like courting in the olden days. Ha! The Duggars would be so proud. (Raise your hand if you got that.)

Cook the Same Meal Over Video Chat. You can plan the same meal, hang out with each other while you make it, and then enjoy the meal together. Of course, ALL this would be done over video chat.

Spruce Up That Online Dating Profile. If you haven’t yet met that special someone, now is the PERFECT time to go revamp and spruce up your dating profile.

Dear Lord, Don’t Contact Your Ex. Resist the urge. I know it’s so easy to want to do. It’s comfortable and familiar. But, y’all broke up for a reason. Just leave it at that, and “Date” someone else.

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