Crocs Shoes May Be Affected By The Coronavirus. Here Is What You Need To Know.

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Crocs may be the next casualty from the coronavirus.

Why is this?

Well, Crocs relies on third-party manufacturers to make their products, and the largest of those third-party manufacturers are in China.


As we now know, the coronavirus originate in, and has hit China pretty hard.

The manufacturing facilities in China are either closed, or are operating on a far smaller scale than they were a month ago.

Another problem is delivering the raw materials needed to make the product.

Things are changing very rapidly, and companies have to be ready to operate very fluidly, but currently, delays in production are upwards of about three weeks.


OBVIOUSLY, Crocs aren’t the only company affected by the coronavirus. Any company that has dealings with China are being affected in a negative way.

We have to be patient. Things may have slowed, but hopefully Crocs and other companies aren’t going anywhere as a result of this awful virus.

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