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Walmart Is Opening Full-Service Health Clinics Offering $30 Checkups and $25 Teeth Cleanings

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You can get everything at Walmart. You can get food, party supplies, clothes, cigarettes, guns, oil changes and — dental cleanings?

Yup! Walmart is expanding into the medical industry. Now, this isn’t nationwide yet; they are only testing it in a few stores so far.


But, it seems to be working better than expected!


There isn’t a whole lot of medical drama and hullabaloo. This is because, although Walmart does take insurance, their prices are reasonable enough, you probably won’t even NEED to use your insurance.

You can get a simple medical checkup for $30, a teeth cleaning for $25, and you can even talk to a therapist for $1 per minute.

They also offer other services, like glasses and vision checkups, x-rays, and diagnostic screenings. You will also know all of the prices upfront. Before you even go back to be seen, you will know EXACTLY how much is owed. This is a welcome reprieve from going to my local dentist or doctor’s office!

And, before you think, “I am NOT getting my dental work done at WALMART!”, they have legit doctors and dentist seeing patients. They have ACTUAL exam rooms. The Therapists actually have a degree.


Each clinic has its own entrance, which is visible from the parking lot. Walmart does this now with their EYE Care Centers. I’m guessing it will much of the same.


I’m ALL FOR paying cheaper prices for certain medical procedures!


And, by the way, remember that each Walmart has their own Pharmacy. That means you don’t have to run all over town to be seen by a doctor, and then get your prescription. All that running is the LAST thing you want to do when you don’t feel good!


What do you think? Would you try it?

You could even TOTALLY bribe your kid to go to the doctor by promising him a toy when it’s over. You’re at Walmart for goodness sakes. It’s right there!

Courtesy of Walmart

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