Jif Is Released Limited Edition Peanut Butter Jars To Settle The Debate On How to Pronounce ‘Gif’

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Is it pronounced “Gif” or “Jif”? The world was divided until Jif and GIPHY combined to make it clear, once-and-for-all.

The Animated Looping Images are pronounced with a HARD g — like Gummy Bear and Good Girl.

Courtesy of Jif

Jif, the peanut butter, is pronounced with a SOFT g — like Jeopardy and Judge.


So, now ya know!


With millions of GIFs in use daily, the pronunciation confusion continues to be a conundrum for all of us … We think now is the time to declare, once and for all, that the word of Jif (with a soft ‘G’) should be used exclusively in reference to our delicious peanut butter, and the clever, funny animated GIFs we all use and love should be pronounced with a hard ‘G.’

Christine Hoffman, Jif Consumer-Engagement Lead

GIPHY and Jif have teamed up together to make the proper pronunciation known forever more. Jif peanut butter is even sporting special, limited edition labels, touting the proper grammatical pronunciations!


Of course, this is still conjecture. Ha! The dictionary still says you can say it either way. But, GIPHY and Jif would totally disagree with dictionary.com!

I have to admit, I am team g – g – g – Gif, and j – j – j – Jif.

These limited edition jars have sold out but that still doesn’t really settle the debate.

How do YOU pronounce the words?

Speaking of peanut butter, have you ever tried a Peanut Butter And Pickle Sandwich? I don’t know if I’m brave enough to try one.

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