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This Roomba Vacuum Cover Looks Just Like Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer And I Need Him

You totally have to check out this Rudolph Christmas costume, if you will, that fits right on your Roomba vacuum cleaner!

Courtesy of RoboRascals on Etsy

Christmas is right around the corner. Can you even believe it?!?

We are all scurrying around our houses, getting them totally Holiday ready. We pay attention to every tiny detail when it comes to decorating for Christmas.

But, I bet you haven’t thought about THIS totally adorable decoration!

There is a cover for your Roomba vacuum cleaner that looks just like Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, and it is just about the most adorable thing you will see this Christmas!

Courtesy of RoboRascals on Etsy

Seriously, look how stinkin’ cute he is!

This Rudolph cover even STAYS ON the vacuum as it scoots around and cleans your house. AND, as he flies over your floors, he lights his path with his red LIGHT-UP nose!!

Courtesy of RoboRascals on Etsy

Meet the Robo Rascals! Lovable Covers that Transform ANY circular iRobot Roomba® into Adorable Family Pals! Time to protect your Roomba and your Furniture in a fun and functional way!

RoboRascals on Etsy

As long as you have a Roomba that is circular in design (600, 800, 900, I3 and E Series), this CUTE Robo Rascall Cover will fit!! Don’t worry, if you have another circular vacuum that isn’t a Roomba (like ME), this will most likely fit, too!

Courtesy of RoboRascals on Etsy

Yes, his nose REALLY glows. You just have to flip a little switch behind his eyes, and then he is ready to take off, lighting his way as he goes. AND, the batteries for his glowing nose are even included!!

Courtesy of RoboRascals on Etsy

You can get your own Rudolph Roomba Vacuum Cover on the RoboRascals shop on the Etsy website.

It will only cost you about 30 bucks, and it is something you can use year after year!!

If you are looking for another fun Holiday decoration, check out this Mini Grinch doll that you can crochet. My kids are going to LOVE it!!

Courtesy of CrochetToysVerovaM