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A Mysterious Metal Monolith Was Found In Utah and I Blame The Aliens

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The idea of aliens has always intrigued me. The thought of us living in the gigantic universe with absolutely no other living beings seems a little hard to believe.

So when alien “discoveries” happen, I am ALL ears. I want to hear the crazy theories and items found! And Utah found themselves quite the mystery!

Utah Department of Public Safety

What is this, you ask? We have no idea. This was found in the red rocks of Utah by a helicopter from the Utah Department of Public Safety and no one has a clue how it got there.

Utah Department of Public Safety

This monolith art is surprisingly similar to the monoliths in “2001: A Space Odyssey”, so it’s pretty safe to say that this is the works of an artist and not an alien. But there are yet to be any claims as to who created this…and better yet, why they stuck it out in the middle of Utah.

Utah Department of Public Safety

There is theory that since the movie was filmed in different areas of Arizona and Utah, that this is a tribute to the movie. But I think it would be cooler if it didn’t resemble a movie and had more of a mystery to it!

We have no idea of the cause for this art piece to be placed out there in Utah. Like a lot of art, it has been left open to interpretation.

The plans for this discovery have not been revealed but they have asked that no one go searching for it, for safety reasons.

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  1. And now they’ve announced that it was removed. BLM said they did not remove it.