Here’s The Entire List of Netflix Christmas RomComs You Need To Watch This Holiday Season

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If you are all for the Hallmark Christmas Channel and cheesy up to your eyeballs, then watching most Christmas RomComs are probably a walk in the park for you.

But if you’re like me and need a little more excitement in your movies and a little less cheese, this is the article for you. Because I have taken the bullet and watched all of Netflix’s current options for Christmas RomComs and I have little reviews for you.


Dash & Lily

I had zero expectations for this movie. It was clearly based for teens, and being in my thirties, I had no plans of liking it. And when I realized it was a series and not a movie, there was a bit of eye rolling. But honestly, it was adorable. A little far fetched, but something I was actually content with watching by the end of it. You can find my full review of Dash & Lily here.

Operation Christmas Drop


Man, this was a disappointment. I love Kat Graham. And I already knew about the real Operation Christmas Drop and love that it exists and was excited to find a movie about it. But it was SO cheesy and the main “heart throb” was just…not. At all. I would suggest skipping this one, but you can find my full review of Operation Christmas Drop here.



I was expecting to hate this one. And yet, here I am to tell you I enjoyed it. Yes, it was cheesy, but in the most believable sense. And both of them being cynical people helped a bit. I cant handle over bubbly cast. The accent on the main man didn’t hurt either. I would definitely suggest this one, and you can find my full review of Holidate here.


Midnight at the Magnolia

This one is more of a New Years movie than a Christmas movie, but this one is similar to Holidate in the sense that I didn’t think I would like it and did. It’s very believable and although there is a slightly too peppy character for me, it’s overall worth it in my opinion. You can check out my full review on Midnight at the Magnolia here.

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