Here’s How You Can Make Your Cucumbers Taste Sweeter

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Not all fruits are sweet, but did you know that you can enhance their taste with this simple gardening tip?

The trick is simple and all you need are sunflower seeds.

If you prefer your cucumbers sweeter, keep in mind to plant the fruit next to a sunflower to make your cucumbers sweeter in taste!

Not only do cucumbers and sunflowers go together like two pees in a pod when planting your garden, but the benefits by planting the fruit and flower next to each other are excellent (and delicious!)

Courtesy of Julie Morgan

Both cucumbers and sunflowers require plenty of water.

Courtesy of Julie Morgan

They also require similar soil while the cucumbers you planted will also use the sunflower stalk as natural trellis!

So the next time you bite into a cucumber and it tastes a little sour, remember that your cucumbers should be planted next to your sunflower garden for a better taste during the summer time!

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