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Target Is Selling A $3 Star-Shaped Hot Chocolate Bomb So Your Holiday Can Shine Bright

If you are looking for an affordable gift or stocking stuffers, then this Milk Chocolate Star Hot Drink Bomb from Wondershop is what you need to get!

Sometimes you just want to give someone a little gift to let them know you’re thinking about them.

I’m pretty sure that over 99% of people love hot chocolate, and this holiday-themed star hot chocolate bomb from Target is perfect!

Something sweet and tasty to warm those cold bones!


You could also have these on hand for your next holiday gathering and set up a fun hot chocolate bar with the star bombs!

Sooooo good! I had never bought a coco bomb before and I happened to run into these BAD boys. Let me just say my daughters awarded me “best mom”. They were delicious.

Herrera – customer review
Herrera – customer review

Just put out some fun add-ins like whipped cream, candy cane pieces, caramel sauce, sprinkles, and of course…. extra marshmallows!

Kids and adults alike will have so much fun with these and they are perfect to use as stocking stuffers!


Warm yourself up after a chilly day of Christmas shopping, just warm up some milk and place the star-shaped hot chocolate bomb in.

Once it begins to melt and open up you can use a spoon to stir.


Top your drink off with your favorite hot chocolate add-ins and toppings for a sweet treat anytime!

You can get your own Holiday Star Hot Chocolate Bombs from Target for just $2.99!