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You Can Get A 2.5 Pound Container Of Mini Marshmallows And I Want It

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If you are making Hot Cocoa Bombs or Hot Chocolate Bomb Cups, you really are going to want to invest in this!

We’ve been drinking hot chocolate a lot and mini marshmallows are a must, the packets of hot chocolate never have enough marshmallows in them.

Well, I just found out you can buy a 2.5 pound container of mini marshmallows and I have to have it!

Candy Factory is the company that is selling it, they also make candy and other tasty treats that I’ll need to add to my cart as well.

The massive container of mini marshmallows is available in 3 different sizes, 1 pound, 1.5 pounds, and of course the mack daddy 2.5 pounds!

With all of the holiday goodies we plan on making, we are definitely going with the 2.5 pounds jar!

I can see myself throwing a handful into my cereal or even as a topper to my bowl of ice cream!

I love even snacking on a small handful to kill my sweet tooth. Taste great in our homemade hot chocolate during the colder times. And of course our cereal! Any cereal! Ever had a cereal you wished just had a bit of marshmallow? This gots you covered. They haven’t interfered with the taste of any cereals we have tried so far…and we have tried a lot.

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I feel like these would make great Christmas gifts under the tree this year for friends and family.

You can order your massive container of Mini Marshmallow Bits on Amazon!

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