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Did Madonna Just Come Out?

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Everyone is asking the same question right now – Did Madonna just come out?

In case you haven’t heard, yesterday Madonna posted a TikTok video with the subtitle:

“If I miss, I’m gay”.

She is then seen holding a bright pink pair of undies and she throws them towards the trash and misses.

She then sort of shrugs it off and turns around before the video ends.

People are going crazy because they are taking that as Madonna coming out as gay.

Now, this isn’t the first time Madonna has made subtle hints at being gay…

From kissing Britney Spears during their performance at the VMAs in 2003 to locking lips with Dominican rapper and content creator Tokischa.

She has also been an ally for the LGBTQ+ community for many years.

But is she actually gay?

Well, Madonna has never actually come out and verbally said she is gay but her recent video has many fans convinced she in fact is. Or at the very least is bisexual.

And honestly, people are really happy for her.

You can watch her TikTok video below.


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