Here’s Why All The Boys Are Wearing Scrunchies Around Their Wrists

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Welcome back the 90’s! Scrunchies are the hot new trend among teens!

If you have a teenage daughter or son you might have noticed a strange new trend – scrunchies around their wrists. For girls it makes sense but boys?

Why All The Boys Are Wearing Scrunchies Around Their Wrists

Yup! Boys are wearing them too! Here’s Why All The Boys Are Wearing Scrunchies Around Their Wrist…

Why All The Boys Are Wearing Scrunchies Around Their Wrists

In case you haven’t noticed, the 90’s trends are making a comeback! Teenage girls are becoming VSCO Girls and are wearing things from the 90’s including Scrunchies.

But, those aren’t just for their hair. There is actually a much bigger meaning behind them than just puffy hair ties.

Here is why boys are wearing Scrunchies:

Girls are wearing scrunchies around their wrists and when they meet a boy they like, they give him one of the scrunchies off their wrist. If the boy wears it on his wrist, it means he likes the girl back and basically tells all the other girls that he’s taken.

Why All The Boys Are Wearing Scrunchies Around Their Wrists

Yup, forget the hoodie or jersey wearing, this is the new way to say “you’re mine” lol.

One mom even shared this revelation on Facebook and of course, it was shared and commented on by parents everywhere:


Are you tired of wasting money on hair scrunchies? Feel like you’re buying them every week? Wondering why your daughter can’t keep up with them? ?

Well let me let you in on a little secret. ….They are being found in the dryer of every boy Mom’s home. I’m about to start a lost and found page for them on Facebook or better yet return them to school with a love note for me. ??

Apparently it’s cool to give your scrunchie to someone you think is cute, below is a stash that we have racked up just this week. ?

So basically stop wasting your money and clogging up my dryer. ?

There was even a thread on Reddit asking the same question with parents, kids and even teachers chiming in on the matter…

While it may be annoying to find these in your dryer, it’s also far more innocent than some things you could find. So, maybe we just let them do their harmless thing?

Why All The Boys Are Wearing Scrunchies Around Their Wrists

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  1. I am in middle school and got a scrunchy from my girlfriend yesterday i didn’t know what it meant but you all seem to act like it a big deal. i mean why do you care if us young people have a romance

    1. I gave. My boyfriend one it means that she loves you

    2. @Baby boomer,
      Because we parents wind up raising your love child.

  2. It is said now a girl who wears a scrunchie on her wrist ( particularly on the right hand ) she is available. Much like the flower behind the ear in Polynesian culture. if the flower is on the left she is spoken for if it is on the right she is not.

  3. I gave my boyfriend a scrunchie but he only wore it once.

  4. My parents said I can’t wear scrunchies bc I’m a boy like WTF mind your own business it’s not harming you do let me be

    1. Im not a boy but like frfr they should let you do what you wanna WTF

    1. No it is because she gives it to the boy she like and all the other girls will know he is taken by the girl he likes so other girls don’t have to give him a scrunchies.

    2. @Lamya Copeland, Yesterday there were these two random boys i’ve never talked to,and they walked up to me.One of the dabbed me out.The other one asked “you got any hair ties?”and i was like yes,and he went “can i have one?”So I gave him one,but he already had a lot of hair ties on his wrist,so does that mean that he is a player because he has so many hair ties?

  5. Kids these days are way to pampered and sorry to say but dumb. Excuses for everything and think us as parents are stupid. Phones internet and no teaching in schools uhh. I know the old times are gone but damn is it tally gotten this bad.

    1. This is incorrect this generation could find a way to do things that the old BABY BOOMERS couldn’t of. BOOMERS are rude

    2. your dumb, thats a trend, but a course u old people dont know

    3. @Veronica Lopez,
      If you’re going to call someone dumb you might want to learn the difference between your and you’re* before doing so.

    4. @Jack,
      Couldn’t “have” not “of”.
      At least Boomers know correct grammar.

    5. @Veronica Lopez,
      You old people ! I resemble that. I’m a boomer but let me tell you we did that in the 70’s before y’all were a wet spot on your parents sheets. I’m 64 and my 40 yo girlfriend gave me a hair tie the other day. Guess what. I’m weari f the darn thing and damn proud of it. Suck it up you millennials.

  6. Uh, what if a boy wants to wear it just because he likes it? And why are people surprised? Because scrunchies are a “Girl thing” And it’s weird to see a boy with them?

  7. I feel like a dweeb, I seriously thought this was a new trend with the LGBTG kids (as I have seen all over), my son asked me to buy him some scrunchies so he could “attract some chicks” smh

    1. Omggg, Im freakin dead .. Let him wear them lmaooooooo

  8. I think it would be better to have more information, understand the difficulty because I have learned a lot.

  9. It might happen if we ( parents) took away phones and taught them how to talk face to face. Kids have no idea how to give eye contract and read body language. We must teach this.

    1. Agreed. Phones have dumbed down the world.

  10. Definitely a real thing my sons have them and my nephew my daughter is only 8 so yay

  11. We did that 7 or 8 years ago with regular skinny hair ties already. This aint nothing new lol

    1. @Billy,
      We done in the 70’s and I just done it with my girl now. Me 64/ her 40. I’m loving it! You’d be surprised how many Boomers still do this. Especially the hair ties.

  12. Ugh! Now I know why all these scrunchies keep showing up that are not my daughters. Also why he keeps saying he needs more sweatshirts!! I like to have fun but come on! Whatever happened to just saying it and people knew? How about bringing that back…..

  13. My son is in middle school, and the boy has to give a sweatshirt to the girl. He received a very expensive hoodie in the mail on a Tuesday 2 weeks ago, on Wednesday it went missing and I noticed a scrunchie on his wrist. I made him get the brand new hoodie back and give her one of his older ones.

  14. I just saved my daughters guy friend thanks to this article. He was keeping it on his hydro flask and had no idea what it meant to get one. ?

    1. @TexasBlu,
      I carry a Hydro Flask. That’s a novel idea. Thanks for that. O