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Operation Santa Is Accepting Letters. Here’s How You Can Get or Give Help This Christmas.

If you are in need of Christmas gifts for your child this year, you still have time to send a letter to the USPS Operation Santa program!

If you’re doing great this year and want to help another family out, you can also do that through Operation Santa as well.

Did you know that Operation Santa has been going on for 109 years now?


Oon to the important stuff… you have to have your letters postmarked by December 10th.

Once they’re received they will be uploaded to through December 15th where potential adopters can view the lists.

Times are so tough for many people, especially the past few years it seems.

There is NO SHAME in getting help, and this may be the perfect way to get that help from another kind and caring human out there.

The nondenominational program is intended to help as many deserving families as it can and that can only happen if there are letters to post on the website.

Here is what you need to do:

All that you really have to do is write a letter with your children and follow the instructions on the website.

It is SUPER important that you make sure that your full return address is with it!

In your letter make sure that you are clear and detailed about sizes, favorite colors, authors, toys, and specific wants and needs.

It is easier for potential adopters to shop from lists that are clear about what is needed.

For safety reasons, any identifiable information from the letter writer is removed before being uploaded to for adoption.

There isn’t a guarantee that an adopter will choose your letter, but it sure is worth the cost of a stamp to try right?

Adopters are needed to make this program work!

If you are in a position to help another family out, then this may be just the thing to do!

You could adopt a letter as a family and make it a great act of giving to teach children how amazing it is to give.

For security reasons, all potential adopters must be vetted through a short registration and ID verification process before they can adopt any letter.

Getting involved

If you want to participate as a letter writer, or as an adopter, please head over to!