There Is a Two-Faced Kitten in Oregon Named Biscuits and Gravy and I’m In Love

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Wow! Imagine going to check on your very pregnant cat to see if they gave birth and seeing 6 kittens. So sweet and cute right?

BJ King

Then imagine picking them up to check them all out and noticing one has 2 full faces! So, let’s make that 6 and 1/3 kittens right?


That last little kitten she picked up had four eyes, two noses and two itty bitty mouths!

BJ King

We have 6-1/3 kitty cats now!

Kyla’s text to her husband, BJ King
BJ King

One of their children suggested that they share the special rare kitten on Facebook. So Kayla shared it with their local community Facebook page.

I said we’ll probably get a little bit of reaction out of this and it took off really fast.


So, of course I got curious and had to investigate cats with two faces. They are referred to as “Janus” cats. This name comes from the Roman mythical god Janus that is normally depicted as having two faces.


The actual birth defect is called Diprosopus, or cranial duplication. Sadly, most of these kittens do not live long. But there is one famous cat named “Frank and Louie” and he lived for 15 years!


He is actually in The Guinness Book of World Records for being the longest living Janus Cat! He had 180-degree vision! One side was able to eat and the other face would drool. He lived a long great life!


There is also another one named “Duo”, what a perfect name! Duo is thriving! Still a young cat, but seems to be doing well!


As for Biscuits and Gravy, only time will tell. He can’t latch on to nurse from his mom so Kayla is having to feed him herself. She even sleeps with the kitten and seems to be a full-time kitten mama now!

It doesn’t really know how to nurse properly because it has two mouths so I’ve been trying to feed it. And, I mean, I’m gonna do the best I can but these animals don’t usually live too long.

BJ King

Biscuits and Gravy can eat and meow at the same time! I bet Biscuit is saying “thank you Kayla and BJ”! You guys are rockstars for having such dedication to this precious little one!

We’re not super optimistic but it does seem pretty lively and has an appetite and seems to be doing pretty well.

BJ King

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