Walmart Is Limiting The Amount of People In The Store. Here’s What You Need to Know.

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Starting April 4th, Walmart will be temporarily changing up the way we do our shopping in their stores, and it’s to help their employees and customers keep as much social distancing as possible during this time.

Walmart employees have been AWESOME through this time of so much confusion and uncertainty.

They have tirelessly stayed at work, while the rest of us chill at home with Netflix and snacks.

The Walmart stock crew has been working diligently to keep their shelves stocked. The cashiers show up to work everyday, and put themselves in possible danger by simply ringing us up. The customer service team is still there to hear all our complaints, process our returns, and keep the store open and moving forward.

Let’s work together to keep these amazing employees — and ourselves — as safe and germ-free as possible.

How will shopping change at Walmart?

Walmart will have ONE door open into the store. In MOST cases, the entrance will be on the grocery side of the store.

There will be an employee keeping track of how many people are in their stores, and they will only let in 5 customers for every 1,000 square feet of store. That’s about 20% of what they normally allow in the store.

If the store gets too full, you will have to wait in line, and they will let in 1 person for every 1 that comes out.

Walmart is going to try to keep the flow of people shopping the store going in one direction. They will maintain this by marking the floors, and having employees available to remind shoppers which way to go.

There will be signs in place that will remind us about safe social distancing, and they will encourage the use of the 6-foot rule — staying 6-feet away from the closest person.

Once we check out, we will be directed to immediately exit the store. No hanging out and talking to our friends who we will INEVITABLY see while we are there.

As the COVID-19 situation continues to develop, our leaders and operations teams will continue to listen to advice from medical experts, associates and customers, and consider how we can best serve people while helping slow the spread of the virus. The health and safety of our associates and customers is what matters the most.


Please be patient with the employees, and know that we are all trying to get through this in the safest, most efficient way possible.

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  1. That’s the way to do it. Much safer for everyone . Thanks to all the workers at Walmart!

  2. Went there this morning. Amazing. Cashier lines no waiting. bagger at each cashier. one way in, one way out. If you need rx, they bring it out to your car after you call. Shelves didn’t look like they do in this article but it was quick, friendly, and more convenient than I’ve ever seen it before. No shopper was stumbling around shopping , people were on a mission. Got this weeks groceries in less than 30 mins vs the typical hour and 15. I commend Walmart for thinking outside the box, trying to keep customers safe.

  3. As long as employees can keep their patients at all times everything should run smoothly. Yes, the shoppers should absolutely be patient and kind as well, but a lot of this will have to come from the employees…Hang in there employees, hang in there!!

  4. I would like to shout a big “thank” you for the employees who have kept us from starving…lol. Seriously, thank
    you and God bless!!

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