These Parents Named Their Newborn Children Covid And Corona

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An couple in Raipur, India has named their newborn twins Covid and Corona.

I wish I were joking right now, but it’s completely the accurate truth.

We might think of hard times and sickness when we hear the words Covid and Corona, but the new parents have a different take.

The parent say that they had to overcome a lot of obstacles to have these babies during the quarantine from the virus.

Because of this, the parents wanted the babies to have strong names that would remind them of what they overcame to bring the babies into the world.

Indeed the virus is dangerous and life-threatening but its outbreak made people focus on sanitation, hygiene and inculcate other good habits. Thus, we thought about these names

Preeti Verma, the Mother of the Newborns

Okay. I can kind of see that. Maybe.

The twins are a boy and a girl, born early in the morning hours of March 27th. The boy was named Covid, and the girl will carry the name Corona.

They have these names NOW, but the parents said they may change their minds, and rename the babies in the future.

Whatever they choose to do with the names, I wish them congratulations and good luck. Having a baby at anytime is stressful. I can’t IMAGINE trying to bring a life — or two — into the world during a pandemic!

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