TBS Is Airing ‘Friends’ Episodes Every Weekday And My Heart Is Full Again

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We all know the show Friends right? Six best friends who live in New York City together, experiencing the ups and downs of life and are totally best friend goals?!!

Yep, that’s the one! The show came out in 1994 and aired its last episode in 2004, but yet its popularity has only increased over the years.

Our hearts broke when the show ended in the early 2000s, but Netflix has seemed to shatter our tickers once more when they stopped showing re-runs in the new year.


However, TBS is here to pick up the pieces. Thankfully someone heard our cries for help and noticed all the empty tubs of ice cream laying around!

This past Monday, April 20th, TBS has been airing re-runs of our favorite show, Friends, and will continue to do so every weekday from 10-4. TBS will stop on May 18th, so catch the episodes while you can!


If you don’t have cable, TBS has a few episodes on their website you can watch for free, however the selection is very limited. But hey, better some than none!


Thank you TBS, for giving us our “Friends” back, especially during a time where we’re all stuck at home and self isolating!


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