‘White Lines’ Is The New Netflix Thriller That Is Basically ‘Ozark’ Meets ‘Money Heist’ and I Can’t Wait

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It’s almost May and that means new shows are coming to Netflix. One new series coming to Netflix is called White Lines.

White Lines is a thriller and it appears to be a mix of shows like Money Heist and Ozark! It is actually from the same people that did Money Heist and The Crown.


Like ‘Ozark’, the new show has secrets, lies, and scandals! I sure hope it measures up to ‘Ozark’, because that is one amazing show and I am so ready for more like it.


The show starts 20 years after a popular DJ disappears. His body is discovered 2 decades after the disappearance. His sister heads out to see if she can figure out just what happened to her brother.


Starring Guillermo Lasheras, Javier Garrido García, Pedro Casablanc, Marta Milans, Belén López, Tallulah Evans, and Jade Alleyne, and more!


‘White Lines’ will be on Netflix, May 15th. You can watch the trailer below and let us know what you think!

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