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I Made My Kids Watch Netflix’s Newest Documentary and You Should Too

I’m a firm believer that our kids are the future. How we raise them determines our future.

With that being said, I made my kids watch Netflix’s newest documentary and in the end, they had so many questions.

Yesterday, after we did remote schooling for the day, I made my kids sit down and watch the new Netflix documentary called  Sir David Attenborough’s A Life On Our Planet.


I actually watched it before deciding whether or not to have my kids watch it. I won’t lie, it had me in tears. Mostly because I want a better future for my kids.

My daughter is too young to understand what is going on in the show (aside from knowing animals) but my boys (6 and 10) surely understand.


The show explores the world as a whole and how we (human beings) need to take care of the animals and protect ecosystems if we want a livable Earth for future generations.

I won’t lie, it’s tough to watch. It’s sad how bad things have gotten. BUT it is necessary.

My kids were so interested in everything and at the end wanted to know why people weren’t doing more to help? Why are we not protecting animals more? Why are we still using fossil fuels instead of renewable energy?


They had so many questions that I answered a lot with, “I don’t know”.

Truly, I don’t know why things are still the way they are but I intend to help raise my kids to make a better world for us all and for future generations.


I think it starts with letting them know what the world is like and how we can change it.


While it was sad and had some hard truths, it was highly educational and now my kids have a better perspective of the world.

I made my kids watch it and they enjoyed it. I highly recommend you have your family watch it too!

You can check out the trailer below.