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‘Virgin River’ Season 5 Has Just Been Confirmed Which Means More Screen Time With Jack and Mel!

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Virgin River was confirmed for season 4, we know this, but there’s bigger news the show has for fans than just a fourth season. 

Courtesy of Netflix

If you have yet to watch the third season of Virgin River there are ten new episodes uploaded to Netflix! 

Courtesy of Netflix

Since season four has already started filming on set this past summer, the next question is when will season four arrive to Netflifx and will there be a season five? 

Courtesy of Netflix

The current scheduled start date for production for season four should wrap up at the end of this upcoming November which means if production stays on schedule, we could expect ten more episodes by next summer! 

With season four under wraps, Virgin River is happy to announce that the show has been renewed for season five which means season four is not even close to the end! 

Courtesy of Netflix

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