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JLO’s Performance At The AMAs Proves That Being 51 Is Just A Number

Last night was the AMAs and if you didn’t catch it, you need to go watch JLO’s performance with Maluma was literally fire (in a good way).

First off, did you know that JLO is 51? Um, yeah. Her performance just proves that an age is just a number because woah, just woah.

During the performance, the two performed a rendition of their two new singles, both from an upcoming movie titled Marry Me, the songs are called “Lonely” and “Pa Ti.”

Not only was the performance amazing but that outfit – it was sheer in all the right places and covered in, all the right places?

I’ll be honest, I just hope that by the time I am 51, I look like her. She looks amazing for her age!

But ya know, that will probably require me to give up donuts so we will see..

If you missed her performance you need to go watch it like NOW. You can check out the performance in the video below!

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