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The Weeknd Sported A Full Bandaged Face at The AMAs And It Might Just Be The Strangest Thing Out of 2020

Just when I think nothing more strange can happen, it does…

Did you catch the American Music Awards last night? If you didn’t, you wouldn’t have seen this but it is strange nonetheless…

R&B singer, The Weeknd sported a full on bandaged face at the AMAs even while he accepted the award for for favorite soul/R&B album.

Yeah, he looks like he got the shi* beat out of him.

My first thought was, did he have plastic surgery?

As it turns out, this is the look he had in his music video “Too Late” but that didn’t stop Twitter from having a hay day with this…

From the looks of it, he’s been doing this strange transition for about a year now. Maybe it’s all for attention? If so, you’ve certainly turned heads!

You can check out the video I was talking about below.

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