This ‘Funeral Home’ Has A Message For The Unvaccinated

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Getting vaccinated is something that is being advertised literally everywhere right now. But one ‘funeral home’ has decided to take it to the next level…and I’m not sure how to feel.

Wilmore Funeral Home

This supposed funeral home has been advertising through their truck and website to get vaccinated because, “If not, see you soon.”

First of all, this is NOT a real funeral home. If you go searching for it, you won’t find it. There’s a website, but it just states what is in the picture above and the only clickable link takes you to a site on where to get vaccinated.

This comes from a Charlotte ad agency just trying to spread the word to get vaccinated. Which I get, and at first glance, it’s kind of funny. BUT, at the same time, people have actually lost friends and family to Covid, and may not find this as humorous.

Because of that, I can see how this can be an incredibly insensitive thing to do. I’m sure the motivation behind it was of pure intention, but my heart goes out for those who have actually lost loved ones.

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