A Drunk Version Of UNO? Yes Please!

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UNO has always been one of our favorite games to play as a family. Well, there is another version just for the adults. Yes, people, there is now DRUNK UNO and people are loving it!

I already know what I am planning for our next night without kids, whenever that may be.

Or maybe I can plan a game night with some lady friends. Grown girls wanna have fun too!


Just like any good drinking game, you start the game with a shot. No messing around, drink up!


So to play, the rules are a bit different than your traditional family-friendly game of UNO. Like if you pick up a Draw 2 card, you take a shot. If you happen to pick a Draw 4 card, well, you take two shots.


With a Reverse card, you are safe and the person who it gets reversed takes two shots.

SpriinkleMePiink – Etsy

A Skip card also means the person drawing the card is safe and the person who is skipped has to take one shot.


If you forget to call UNO before laying down your last card, you’re screwed.

This is called a FALSE UNO. You’ll have to take 3 shots! I believe the winner of the game gets to choose someone to take 3 shots. Heck, just make everyone take 3 shots!


You can find Drunk UNO on Etsy. There are even bars that are hosting Drunk UNO game nights!

SpriinkleMePiink – Etsy

SpriinkleMePiink on Etsy has the game available with great reviews. I found other sellers as well! This really sounds like a great time!


Who’s in? Full disclosure, I once peed my pants while playing regular UNO, so who knows what would happen if we combined it with drinking. I’m down to find out!


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