This Woman Cared For A Succulent Plant for 2 Years Just to Find Out It Was Fake and I’m Dying Laughing

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This is HILARIOUS. It’s even MORE hilarious, because this is totally something I would do. Ha!

Courtesy of Caelie Wilkes on Facebook

Caelie Wilkes is my new spirit animal. She had this GORGEOUS succulent plant. I mean, it was PERFECT!

Courtesy of olivia_katherine on Instagram

A little TOO perfect, actually. See, it was PLASTIC, and she didn’t realize it for freaking TWO YEARS!

Courtesy of Caelie Wilkes on Facebook

Caelie LOVED her succulent. She nurtured it, carefully watering it regularly.


In fact, she wouldn’t let anyone else water this beautiful plant, because she had to make sure it was done properly.

Courtesy of Alex Holyoake on Unsplash

She carefully cleaned the leaves on a regular basis. Only the BEST for her plant baby.


Then came that FATEFUL day when she decided to transplant her gorgeous plant into a beautiful vase.


She carefully went to take it out of the soil. But, she noticed something strange.

Courtesy of Caelie Wilkes on Facebook

As she pulled the plant from it’s flowerpot home, she learned IT WAS PLASTIC!

Courtesy of Erol Ahmed on Unsplash

It was a plastic plant, glued to a styrofoam base!


Ha! Poor thing. She jokingly (?) says that the last two years of her life “have been a lie.”

Read her post, below.


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