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The 90s Claw Clip Hair Trend is Back, Baby

Moms everywhere, ’90s hair is back! Remember your claw clips? I bet many of you still have them! Well, good news! They are in style once again!

I know you probably at least have a tortoiseshell one! Go dig that bad boy out!

I guess I was ahead of the times because I never put mine away.

I do think I should upgrade them to something like the ones I found on Amazon.

VinBee on Amazon

These are MUCH cuter than the ones I have on hand!

VinBee on Amazon

Every time I go a bit too long without a haircut, you can bet your ass I have it twisted up in the back and clipped with a claw clip!

VinBee on Amazon

I mean I’m a busy (also lazy about hair) person. I have things to do and I need my hair to be easy. They come in super handy when you don’t have time to wash your hair!

With summer headed our way, I am so excited that I will appear to be in style this year! Appear to be the keyword here.

Photo by Lucas Pezeta from Pexels

Seriously, they are perfect for hot days at the lake and also windy days on the job with my photoshoots. Putting my hair up with a claw clip and staying in style!

So ladies, grab those claw clips and twist that hair up and out of the way. You’ll be the trendiest lady on the block and you didn’t even have to really try!

You can grab a super vintage looking 2-pack for less than $4 on Amazon here.