Reddi Wip’s New Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa Whipped Cream Is Meant To Be Eaten Straight From The Can

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For hot cups of cocoa, whipped cream is a necessity, along with mini candy canes, a dash of cinnamon and an aesthetically pleasing picture because the phone eats first. 

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Whether you’re making hot chocolate on a snowy night or on the morning of Christmas after Santa left all the presents, Reddi Wip has decided that a cup of hot chocolate is incomplete without some type of airy topping.

So without further ado, here’s introducing, the Reddi Wip Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa Whipped Cream! 

Courtesy of @snackscavenger

The pillow-y whipped cream packaged in the iconic tube that is press and shake, the same Swiss Miss powder that melts in warm milk is the exact flavor just in a ready whipped cream form!

Courtesy of @markie_devo

Made with real cream, the two pack 15 ounce cans is currently available at Sam’s Club. 

Pro Tip: Shake well four times before spraying!

Courtesy of @markie_devo

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One Comment

  1. Hi,
    Does Reddi Whip still make the chocolate flavor whipped cream?

    I love it!
    And would love to try this Swiss miss flavor as well!But I have not seen the chocolate flavor in weeks (and I’ve never seen the Swiss Miss flavor but I’m sure I’d love it too!).

    My local FoodTown and King Kullen used to sell it but not since like September.
    (It’s now almost December).