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I Tried Every New Food Item At Starbucks. Here’s What I Think About Them.

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Starbucks Launch Days are my absolute favorite! Getting to try all of the new drinks, food items, and scourer the earth for the pretty cups are the best! Take my money!

So I made my way up to Starbucks yesterday for the January 5th Launch, and I was NOT disappointed!

Not only did I get all the cups I wanted, and made a ton of new drinks for our Starbucks Secret Menu, but I also got my hands on every single new tasty treat they had!


I started with the adorable Earth Cake Pop, just because it was too cute not to. This is just a chocolate cake pop with white chocolate icing. So the taste isn’t too exciting, but it was so stinking cute, I had to grab some for my kiddos!

Next, I want to talk about this guy! Starbucks is now offering fresh smoothies! You purchase one of these containers and then they take it behind the counter and blend it for you! How cool is that?

I didn’t even know that these were a part of the launch so it was a happy surprise! And it tastes like a super healthy smoothie! I’m sure there’s more flavors to come!

Now on to some sad new…they discontinued the Everything Bagel. I still CANNOT believe it! But, it was for two reasons. One, was to make way for this Cheese, Onion, and Garlic Bagel!


This is super yummy, but it also a lot bigger than the other other bagels. So it was a little too bready for my liking, but the taste itself was phenominal!


The second reason, was for these bad boys. Potato Bakes. They are DIVINE. And one if them is everything bagel flavored, so there is your new solution! (It was my favorite, for sure!)


They also added another egg bite option to the menu. I was a little hesitant because I am not a big kale fan, but I LOVE mushrooms.

Even though it tasted ok, I was pretty disappointed that I couldn’t taste the mushrooms at all. And it’s a little mushy.


And finally, we have all of these new squares! The Double Chocolate Brownie got replaced by this tiny Fudge Brownie. It’s delicious…but tiny.


The Raspberry Oat Square tastes just like the Michigan Oat Bar they had awhile back that no one ever ordered, so they finally got rid of it.

Now, it’s an even healthier version, but just as boring, so I barely took a single bite. No thanks. It’s just a glorified granola bar.


And the other two, both FANTASTIC. I am not a fan of key lime pie, but I devoured this bar. And the Toasted Almond and Banana Square was the perfect blend of flavors.

Only complaint? Each of these squares are super tiny. And they are over $3.


Be sure to try them all (including the returning raspberry loaf!) and let us know what you think! We want to know which was your favorite!


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