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McDonald’s Has a Secret Menu Burger That Combines Breakfast and Lunch All In One

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If you’ve ever had the hankering for breakfast and lunch, McDonald’s is now serving both, considering we know about their secret menu hack.

Alongside other McDonald’s hacks such as the basket of fries or the Chicken McGriddle, McDonald’s has a secret menu burger that is well, not so secret anymore, and thanks to TikToker @jordan_the_stallion8.

What’s dubbed the McBrunch Burger, this burger patty combines breakfast and lunch stuffed together between two sesame seed buns.

So if you’ve ever craved a McDonald’s crispy hash brown AND a burger but couldn’t, because the two are separated between breakfast and lunch hours (been there, and have wanted that), now is your chance.

The McBrunch burger is as follows, a double cheeseburger with a hash brown, eggs, and bacon all introduced together in one sandwich.

However, keep in mind that you must order this burger during the time where breakfast ends and lunch begins or else you will not be able to snag the burger from the golden arches.

Courtesy of @jonthefooddon

The dream of having a McDonald’s hash brown with a lunch order is finally a reality.

Courtesy of @cheeunit

So who else is dropping by the McDonald’s drive-thru to get the McBrunch burger?

Courtesy of @ahstranduh

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