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Did You Know That You Can Get a Basket of Fries at McDonald’s?

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Y’all how did I not know this? I am truly kicking myself for this one…

I was today years old when I learned that you can order a McDonald’s Basket of Fries. Um, what?!


Yes, in case you didn’t know, you can now order a basket of fries at McDonald’s and it’s perfect for the person who really needs a basket of McD’s fries to themselves…


How to Order a Basket of Fries at McDonald’s

Now if you are a person that likes to order ahead on the McDonald’s app, I will have to tell you, it’s not always available on there. Some people can find it in their app, others can’t.

In order to order a basket of fries at McDonald’s, try ordering it through the drive-thru or inside with an employee.


Keep in mind, not all locations will have this but given the fact the basket of fries is listed right on the McDonald’s website, I’d say that the majority of locations probably have this on their McDonald’s secret menu.


How much does a basket of fries at McDonald’s cost?

According to content creators online, ordering a basket of fries at McDonald’s costs around $3.89-$3.99 (prices vary on location).

So, next time you are at McDonald’s try ordering a basket of fries. You can thank me later!!


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