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My Version of Window Shopping

I freakin’ love to shop. It’s ridiculous. I’m not really a fashion show/montage kind of girl or anything, but I could spend like seventy-nine bazillion hours looking at pretty things, putting them in my cart, and even occasionally buying them.

When I’m a New York Times best selling author with multiple book/movie deals and unlimited funds I have big plans to spend large portions of that in boutiques and family-owned businesses–just putting that out there in the universe.

The thing is, I have a four year old–and while she’s awesome, she’s not totally on board with my shopping lust. So, what’s a girl to do when she NEEDS to scour the aisles of stores for beautiful wares, but her child just wants to lay on the ground making dust angels?

She internet window shops!

That’s right… I open up a really killer site like Anthrolpolgie or Etsy and I fill my cart with everything I would ever even consider buying.

Heck, if it comes in multiple colors, I pick one of each. I even think of little gifts I want to buy for other people and stick them in there too…

Then, when I realize that I’ve spent at five or six hundred dollars in fake money… I CLOSE THE BROWSER.


Yeah, straight up, I don’t even think about it… I just click that whole browser closed… and don’t ever think about that stuff again. Um, but a word to the wise: Sometimes sites enable cookies and keep all that stuff in your cart for you, so if you go back to that online store for real, you might want to check your cart first.

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