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Here’s The Entire List of Starbucks Drinks, Cups and Food Releasing In January

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Starbucks launches are like Christmas for me. Especially when the list of new items is a long one!

This newest launch that is releasing right after Christmas has me ESTATIC. Like, you have no idea. New drinks, new food, and of course, new merchandise!


Let’s start with drinks. The Almond Honey Cold Brew is coming back, which I wasn’t a fan, but if you are, congrats!


BUT they are also coming out with a completely brand new flavor as well!!! Say hello to the new Pistachio Latte!!!

This is a flavor I am so excited about. It has been asked for, for quite some time! In fact, I even made a Secret Menu Pistachio Frappuccino awhile back to hold us over!

Moving on to food, the Red Velvet Loaf is returning! If you haven’t tried one of these frozen yet, you don’t know what you’re missing…trust me.


But there are also two other food items coming that are BRAND NEW! I am SO excited about both. I’m not sure which I am more excited about! Let’s start with breakfast…

New Egg Bites! I LOVE mushrooms, so I am so excited about this. The kale makes me a little nervous, but I know it’s good for you, so maybe it’ll all work out for the best.


These will be taking the place of the Ham and Cheese Egg Bites, so If you’re a fan, get them while they last! Now on to probably my favorite item coming out…and it will be my kids’ favorite too!

We are getting an Earth Cake Pop!!!!! This is so stinking cute!!! It’s chocolate on the inside, with blue icing, and green and white sprinkles to make it look like our planet. And if you’re a flat-earther, just smash it before you eat it.

And of course, we can’t update you without some cups! Starbucks is releasing a full line of post-consumer recycled cups! These are made of recycled glass and plastic and look GORGEOUS!

And finally, if you didn’t read my post yet, all Starbucks will FINALLY be using Oatmilk!

Which of these new releases are you most excited about? Comment below! These are coming out on January 5th so set your calendars!

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