‘A California Christmas’ Was Definitely Cheesy, But Worth Watching

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I don’t do cheesy. I never have. The Hallmark Channel is SO not for me. So when I see new Christmas movies come out, I can only assume they fall in the cheese-fest category.

A California Christmas popped up in the Netflix top ten yesterday, so I, of course, had to take a peek and was ready to give it a horrible review. And through half of the movie, I probably would have.


It starts out MASSIVELY cheesy, the main characters aren’t super exciting in any category, and it falls into the usual storyline…one person rich and snobby, one person down to earth and in need. Yep.


But the main man seemed to ditch the snobfest almost immediately and it turned into what seemed to be a typical love story movie, and not just cheese, cheese, and cheese.


So I’m a little on the fence with this one. Yes, it’s cheesy. Yes, someone saves Christmas. But in the middle of the typical Christmas RomCom, there was an actual real storyline with an actual real romance.


So I will let this one slide. I won’t go nuts over how over the top it is. They actually gave the storyline a real shot. And I’m kind of shipping over the romance between the assistant and the real Manny.


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