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Aldi Just Gave Raises to All Of Their Employees and I Love Them Even More

Since this whole thing got scary, I have been trying to complete all of my shopping at Aldi. Normally I would run to Kroger to pick up meat, but they can’t seem to keep it in stock anyhow.

I feel more comfortable shopping in Aldi. It is a smaller store and from the very beginning, they had people constantly cleaning in the stores. They have people that just stay at the freezers and refrigerators sanitizing the handles.

They are enforcing social distancing in the store by speaking up to people that crowd up on others. I appreciate this. I wish it was like this all of the time honestly.

They placed sneeze guards at all of the registers and stickers on the floor for where to stand.

They do offer grocery delivery and pickup with Instacart as well. So if you don’t want to shop for yourself you do not have to.

They also designated special shopping time for high-risk people such as myself. These special shopping times are Tuesdays and Thursdays for the first hour the stores are open.

They have hired about 7,500 new employees for stores and warehouses to help keep the stores stocked and cleaned.

A huge thing they have done was to give temporary raises to all of their employees in stores and the warehouses. I think this is phenomenal and a great way to let those employees know just how important they are.

They are rewarding staff with bonuses too! What an amazing company!

Their sick leave policies have been adjusted as well to make sure employees are taken care of and can stay home if they are sick.

Aldi is also planning to donate $1 million dollars to support those in need. This is still being set up and hasn’t been named yet, but it is happening.

I really think this is an amazing company that is taking care of its employees and their shoppers as well.