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‘The Batman’ Production Has Come To A Halt After Robert Pattinson Has Tested Positive For COVID-19

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I’ve been so dang excited to see Robert Pattinson as Batman and it looks like the release might be a bit delayed. Why? Because Robert Pattinson Has Tested Positive For COVID-19.

Warner Bros.

Just last week we saw a sneak peak of The Batman starring Robert Pattinson as Batman and even Colin Farrel as Penguin.

Warner Bros.

Everyone seemed to have love the trailer and it’s been getting tons of positive feedback as fans wait for the release date for the movie.

Warner Bros.

Unfortunatly, we may have to wait even longer and I truly hope everyone involved in the movie is going to be okay!

Warner Bros.

Warner Bros. has confirmed that Robert Pattison has indeed tested positive for Coronavirus.

Typically the quarantine time with a positive test is 2 weeks, but we will have to wait and see how the studio proceeds with resuming production.

Until then, we wish Robert a quick and speedy recovery!!


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