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‘How I Met Your Father’ Has Been Cancelled By Hulu And Fans Are Trying To Save It

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Ugh. I’m going to stop watching TV shows.

Every time I get into a show that’s really good, the network up and cancels it out from under us. It’s getting really old.

The most recent show to get the ax is the Hilary Duff centered How I Met Your Father.

After only two seasons, our time spent watching the adventures of Sophie Tompkins is coming to an end. *Sob*

We don’t get to peep her story as she finds love, dashing our hopes of eventually learning the identity of her son’s father.

I’m not the only one who is completely floored and disappointed at the news that How I Met Your Father is abruptly ending.

Fans of the show are rallying, trying to save the show from cancellation.

It has worked in the past, fans have come together in numbers so big that the Network changes their mind on the cancellation.

But, sadly, I don’t think it’s going to work this time, and it really sucks.

People are taking to social media in droves to express their feelings of disappointment at losing How I Met Your Father and its entire story.

The cancellation appears to be officially moving on, however.

Executive producer Craig Thomas, one of the co-creators of How I Met Your Mother (the inspiration for How I Met Your Father), took to X to thank fans and basically say goodbye.

So, do we concede, and say farewell to Sid and Sophie?

Unfortunately, I think the answer has to be adios to How I Met Your Father, no matter how invested we have become. *Sad Face Emoji*

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