Target Is Selling Pumpkin Cheesecake And Apple Crisp Ice Cream And I’m On My Way

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Once September 1st hits, Fall is free game…at least I think so! I will look for any excuse to haul out my Fall decorations and try new fall flavors of ANYTHING!

So obviously, the quest for Fall flavors has begun! And this one has be super excited! Target has Fall themed ice cream!!!

I already loved Target, and I definitely love ice cream. So this may be a dream come true for me!


Target is coming out with two exclusive Fall flavors that sound absolutely scrumptious! Pumpkin Cheesecake and Apple Crisp are the two new flavors hitting shelves and they are a Target exclusive through their brand, Market Pantry.


CandyHunting on Instagram spotted these amazing treats and we are forever grateful for it! The best part? A pint is only $1.99! Super affordable, super obtainable, and we’re suspecting super delicious too!

What more could you need? Well, at Target, probably everything in sight.


At this affordable price, it may be time to invest in a freezer box to stock up for the next year. Because something like this finally makes 2020 almost seem worth it. (Kidding).

But seriously, good ice cream flavors are hard to come by in the Fall season, so grab them while you can! Because, of course, this is limited edition.


I am definitely most excited about trying the Pumpkin Cheesecake flavor and plan on stocking up my own little collection if I can get my hands on some! But there’s always the forever fear of walking into Target and understanding I may never leave. They have WAY too many cute things!


But it will all be worth to get my hands on some of this ice cream! (And to check out Target’s Starbucks cups!)


What is your Target find that you are most excited about? We would love to know! Comment below and let us know what items we should be keeping an eye out for next! And until then, get you some yummy ice cream!


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