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Nestle Released Espresso Chocolate Chips That Are Made With Real Coffee For The Perfect Energized Treat

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Coffee and Chocolate just go together. Nestle Toll House being one of the top chocolate brands in this country has now brought back the Nestle Toll House Espresso Chocolate Chips and I am so ready for it!


We tend to make a lot of “fancy” type coffee drinks at home. Starbucks can get quite pricey when you have a few teenage daughters that also want a coffee drink.

We love to create our own frappuccinos at home, and these Nestle Toll House Espresso Chocolate Chips are going to step up our game for sure! Not too mention the amazing baked goods we could create with them!

These Espresso Chips are actually made with real coffee, so they have caffeine in them! It isn’t just an added flavor, it is the real deal! I can not wait to make some cookies with these in place of regular chocolate chips!


I bet they would be amazing mixed in with some homemade vanilla ice cream too! But I do see them making an appearance in many of the blended coffee drinks that the girls and I make.


You can pick these Nestle Toll House Espresso Morsels up in a 9-ounce bag at your local Walmart or Target. It will cost you about $2.48!

When these came out last year they sold out almost instantly. So now that they are back, STOCK UP!


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